Cafe Amoree: Finally Arrived In Davao!

August 23, 2015 - When I saw this coffee shop a year ago, I thought something's wrong with the name but then, when I knew that it is spelled that way, I just accepted the name as it is. BUT, I never knew that they would actually have a branch here in Davao and it's a pleasant surprise! :D

After the contest that our school participated at SMX Convention Center in SM Lanang Premier, I decided to explore this newest branch in Damosa and tagged Dino along just to have some relaxing moments and a fruitful conversation. :D

Store front
If you've been to Cafe Amoree General Santos City, it's actually a popular hangout especially at night. I remembered hanging out with my little tykes and ate some of their cakes. They were delightful and of course, lots of conversation happened. Now that they're here in Davao specifically in Damosa, this coffee shop is sure to be a destination for those who live near in this branch.

Inside Cafe Amoree, Damosa
Inside Cafe Amoree makes you feel relaxed as wood and bricks mostly dominated which it makes the atmosphere homey. Wood panels added some mysterious effect and it accentuates the whole coffee shop. But what I noticed are the mirrors on the left side which I believe is their trademark in every branch. Because of the mirrors, I instantly fell in love with the place! What a delight indeed! :D

These delectable cakes can lure you till you commit gluttony unless you're really full already. They can be a bit pricey but if I were to suggest, try their Ube Cake. I swear, it's delicious and its frosting is just to die for! But of course, you could try other cakes as well. I'm not forcing you to take my suggestion but just, choose whatever you like. If you follow my suggestion, well then, it's a good decision! :D

Just read what's in the picture.. :D
Since I've eaten a lot already at SM Lanang Premier, I just chose the Chamomile Tea to cleanse my tummy and drinking tea is beneficial in my part as it makes me more relaxed and makes me feel better. The tea costs 80 Pesos. Got to love the cup as it's like a piece of art and if given a chance, I would love to take the cup to our home (Of course, I wouldn't do it).

Since it's a Chamomile Tea, what to expect? First, the aroma. Smelling a cup of Chamomile Tea obviously has an aroma of a chamomile which is fragrant. My nose loved the smell thus it kept on smelling till my nose had enough but who could resist the fragrant Chamomile Tea? :D

When this was served on our table, it was still pretty hot thus Dino and I talked a lot of things which was fun and it was also the time that we can get to know each other more. When the tea was warm enough for me to drink, I took a sip and it's actually really good! I was like drinking a chamomile from the cup. I felt relaxed right after and my tummy felt the same way.

Overall, our stay in Cafe Amoree was really satisfying and would love to visit this branch again if I'm in Damosa. Thanks Dino for accompanying me and for the long walk from Damosa to MTS! It was a blast! We murdered our feet perfectly from the very long walk! :D

Thanks for reading!

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