Hello Kitty Madness @ Kawaii Cafe

December 9, 2015 - Everyone knows Hello Kitty (including me!) and hearing its name is associated with something very cute and very girly. In fact, through the years, even though some are old enough, they would still go crazy over Hello Kitty stuff just because.. They love it! They would go to the lengths of the world just to buy everything that has Hello Kitty in it. :D

But wait no more as Hello Kitty fans must rejoice with the opening of the first Hello Kitty themed cafe filled with of course, Hello Kitty plushies. Not only that, all of the decors (including curtains, frames) are none other than.. Hello Kitty! Well, this tiny cafe will be something that you might want to stay for long, adoring Hello Kitty all over the place. :D

Inside Kawaii Cafe

I was personally invited by Eric Decampo, the owner of Kawaii Cafe to join in their private gathering with friends last Sunday but the sad thing was, I wasn't able to locate the cafe easily and to be honest, I didn't know (or forgot!) the name of the cafe which resulted of being lost in Doña Segunda Complex. Instead, me and my friend Karen went to G-Mall of Davao just to stroll around. Haaay.. :)

Hello Kitty!
But I promised to return to the cafe and I kept my promise! I fulfilled it last Wednesday since I had no class in the afternoon and I also had nothing to do. As I arrived at the cafe, the weather was not as pleasing as I've wanted and just too uncooperative this Holiday season.

I knew that this cafe would be tiny but never expected to be really tiny! The space was filled with Hello Kitty stuff (as expected) but since the sun was facing the cafe, it gave somehow an unpleasant feeling of warmth which made me sweat a little (even the air conditioner couldn't handle the scorching heat from the sun!). Nevertheless, I've already arrived and had to order too! :D

Take a selfie here!
For those who love Hello Kitty very much and couldn't wait to take a selfie, it would be better if you ask permission to the staff to borrow the stuff hanged in the Selfie Station as I didn't even dare myself to take a selfie pic. It's awkward for me to do it but would love to take a picture for my friends who are just crazy for Hello Kitty! :D

As for now, they're selling mostly hot and cold drinks and limited choices of food. But the owner said that they would expand their food menu soon and I'm pretty excited on what they can offer. Here's one more thing: I got lucky since their 50% discount on drinks was still effective during my visit and who wouldn't be happy about it? I immediately ordered a drink and availed the discount. Cool right? :D

Ordered this drink for just 28 Pesos instead of 55 Pesos.
Thanks to 50% discount!
Since the discount was still in effect, I ordered the Iced Cappuccino since it's one coffee drink that I'm more familiar with and to also aid myself from the hot weather (I'm talking to you El Niño..). Even though it is already affordable at 55 Pesos, I just paid 28 Pesos which it saved tons of money in my pocket! :D

For the drink, it's actually a plus points if they have unique mugs for them and this was no different as it is cute to look at! You're indeed in a Hello Kitty inspired cafe and I'm pretty sure, girls would love to take a picture of themselves with the mug. :D

Their Iced Cappuccino was actually good if you put sugar to it. When I tasted the drink, there was no sugar till I just found out that the Hello Kitty jar was actually a jar with white sugar in it. It saved the bland taste of the coffee and just had to put 2 teaspoonfuls of white sugar, not to overpower the taste of the coffee. I ended up enjoying the Iced Cappuccino and somehow helped me cool myself down. :)

Unfortunately, the heat was building up and I couldn't cope from it. The owner promised that they would add more air conditioners to make the customer's stay in the cafe more comfortable but suggested me to visit the cafe in the late afternoon since it wouldn't not be really hot. Well, I would love to visit the cafe again with my friend this time in a late afternoon. I'm pretty sure, it would be more comfortable for us to stay for a longer time.

Thanks to Eric Decampo and his wife Sherie (I hope the spelling is right) for accommodating in the cafe and had so much fun even though the warmth was so unforgiving. It's still a pleasure to meet both of you. And to the staff of Kawaii Cafe for being patient and kind under the warm condition of the cafe. I promise to make a visit again soon. :)

Thanks for reading!

If you want to know more about Kawaii Cafe, click the link below:


  1. This cafe is nice. Almost similar to those Japanese/ Anime themed cafes in Manila.

  2. Sounds like heaven to me , someone should take me there ..

    1. You should visit the place! Perfect time would be late afternoon till evening.. :D

  3. WŌW ^_^ Kawaii ... Cute Hello Kitty <3


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