Gandiva Archery Davao: Channel The Inner Archer In You!

January 9, 2015 - First of all, Happy New Year guys! 2015 was a rough ride for me and for those who also had a difficult road to take. But worry no more as 2016 will bring us great memories and a great new hobby that I would love to tell to all of you. Yup! It involves shooting and aiming at the right spot (And I didn't mean what you're thinking right now). :D

This great new hobby that I would love to tell is archery. Well, I've been practicing archery ever since the bow and arrow landed in our house. I would pretend that I know how to use them but always felt short and the frustration begins. I would be amazed to see the archers do their thing during the Summer Olympics as they concentrate so much with their shots considering the distance and would always land on bullseye! :D

Up to this day, I couldn't imagine that an invitation for me to try archery would finally be a reality as Gandiva Archery opened its first branch here in Davao and of Mindanao. Finally, those who want to channel the inner Katniss Everdeen, this place is just perfect for you to try your archery skills! As well as for the professional archers who want to hone their shooting skills, Gandiva Archery is also available for you!

Gandiva Archery
Located at the Adventure Zone in Gaisano Mall of Davao, Gandiva Archery is a great place especially with group of friends, office workers who want to release their stress from office work or for those who just want to try archery!

If you can't find the location, it's in the 4th floor. If you're lucky enough to be in front of the mall, an elevator on the right side can make your ride more convenient as it will go up directly to the 4th floor which means, less hassle and I tell you, it's airconditioned and it will keep you cool. Promise.. :D

Bows displayed on the left side. They're really big personally. :D
These bows displayed on the left side are no joke. They're not just the toys that you usually found them on toy shops, they're a real thing this time. Each bow has a corresponding number and must be returned to where they belong.

If you're serious to learn this new hobby, it's best to face these bows and try them. Don't worry, the professional archers will teach you how to do archery. :D

You may also post a picture of your ex or your archenemy. Kidding!
Well, it's your prerogative or your bravery to do the works. :D
Gandiva Archery has 6 shooting targets to choose from wherever you feel like shooting the target or for those who are bitter with their relationship, you may post a picture of your ex-lover and serve it as a motivation to shoot the nose (kidding!!). The arrows on the right side are already provided for you to shoot the targets.

Protective Gear to protect your arms.
For the beginners, a protective gear is a must as the string might harm your arm if done incorrectly. They must be worn during practices. Although if you're good enough in archery, you may not wear the protective gear but for the safety purposes, it's better to wear them or be sorry afterwards.

Channeling the inner archer in me!
The teacher taught me the right way to do archery; from handling the bow, to attaching the arrow on the string, by pulling the string, the right position of the body for shooting the target, etc. I mean, everything will be taught to you once you're in the Gandiva Archery.

The instructions are easy to understand but every little thing can be a huge mistake just because of a tiny wrong move you made. But once you get the hang of it, everything will be a breeze. I also had some tiny mistakes to share (like I had to close my left eye to aim at the right target) but it went fine. :D

I can say that archery is so much fun than I thought! The moment I release the arrow, you wouldn't know if it's a bullseye but everything's just so sublime if you could actually land the arrow in the target. I kept on saying 'sugooiii!' as I land my arrows in the yellow target. It's a great experience for a newbie like me to land them on the center of the target and I would love to do more of it! I felt an urge to sign-up in an archery team if given a chance! :D

Trial Rates
For those who are thinking that archery is an expensive hobby, these rates will make you think otherwise. As I've said, it's great if you have group of people with the same interest in archery to try this place and have some tons of fun! It's also great for team building for a stronger relationship with co-workers or just a group of friends who want to try something new and make this a weekly hobby. For those archers who already have their own equipment, you'll just pay for the range and start shooting! :D

With the Davao Bloggers
Photo by: Sarah Jean Gavile of
Gandiva Archery definitely changed the landscape and added unto the list of a 'must-try' hobby for DavaoeƱos and it's also one hobby that I would love to do for weeks to come with friends and family. A very big thanks to Gandiva Archery for inviting the bloggers to try the archery. We definitely had so much fun! :D

Thanks for reading!

If you want to know more about Gandiva Archery Davao, click the link below:


  1. Wow this is cool! I've been wanting to try archery for years. The prices are reasonable too!

    1. Yes.. They're pretty reasonable especially for those who want to try archery.. :D

    2. i hope i can visit that place

  2. Hi..i am jomar aninao..i am an archery player i am a team mate of Saval who won the palarong pambansa.. but i cant afford your fees mahirap lang kasi kami eh..hihihi... sayang gusto ko sanang e try..but thankful parin ako na meron ng archery sa g mall of davao..wala kasing arhchery dito sa school namin.huhuhuh..ill do my best na maka visit sa grandiva..


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