Sweet Escape @ Sugarcane Bar, SM City Davao

March 4, 2016 - When I was a kid, I remembered chewing sugarcane in our farm. I remembered that it tasted sweet, delicious and actually gnawing them, sipping the sweet juices of sugarcane. Well, I have nothing to worry as I don't have to gnaw them anymore. I just have to drink them in a cup!

Just weeks ago, Sugarcane Bar opened its first branch here in Davao and this was surprising as who would've thought of actually having a store dedicated on sugarcane? Well, this one made a bold move and I looked forward to try their sugarcane juice. I was intrigued though on how it'll taste like since the one I've tasted in our farm was deliciously sweet. Thus, I had to try this! :D

Sugarcane benefits
All I knew before was sugarcane was just a sweet drink. Surprisingly, sugarcane has TONS of benefits to our body, considering that it's a sweet juice. Well, it's one sweet drink that is nutritious and healthy for everyone. Except for those who can't stand too much sweetness but a cup might not hurt right? :D

If you are to buy their juice, you can choose not just pure sugarcane juice but there are other combinations which you can try. But since I missed the sugarcane so much, I opted to order just the pure juice of sugarcane. I'll try the Citrus Quench next time though since it's recommended by the lady in the counter. :)

For making sugarcane juice, she had to get tons of sugarcane sticks to juice. For instance, I ordered the smallest cup which it costs 45 Pesos. She had to get sugarcane sticks that can fill the smallest cup. The next one is juicing the sugarcane to which she had to use a machine that can extract the juices of sugarcane. She had to repetitively do the process of extracting the sugarcane until it can fill the cup with sugarcane juice. 

And.. Here's my long-awaited Sugarcane Juice! I was like a kid, giggling with excitement as I finally taste the sugarcane once again. This was my childhood and to drink this juice again made me remember everything. First sip was divine! This made me smile brightly while drinking the juice. 

Though, drinking pure sugarcane juice did went too sweet, overwhelmingly sweet, I still managed to finish the juice. Maybe, I should try other variations of their juices and maybe, invite friends to try the sugarcane juice. It may be sweet, but having lots of benefits, it's still healthy and safe to drink. If you ever come by and try their juice, they're just located at SM City Davao beside Bingo. Have a sweet escape! :D

Thanks for reading!

If you want to know more about Sugarcane Bar Davao, click the link below:


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    1. Thanks! :D

      I haven't been blogging lately due to some problems and been busy with school and YouTube. But, I'll try my best to at least, post a blog entry soon.

      But thanks for reading my articles! I'll publish one very soon. :)

  2. Hi. Maybe you would like to try another sugar cane juice bar at gmall davao. MiCo's sweet cane. Thank you.


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