Okonomiyaki: The Savoury Pancake

July 1, 2016 - Okay, I haven't blogged for 3 months and it's crazy! Well, I got busy with the boredom of summer, almost nothing to blog about but here I am, blogging again! Applause please! :D

Just last Friday, I went to a Japan Cultural Weekend which it showcases Japanese culture and one thing that you have to experience is to eat Japanese food! It's one way to have deeper knowledge with their culture thus, I immersed myself with their culture by eating their one popular dish: The Okonomiyaki. :D

Cooking the Okonomiyaki
There are varieties of Okonomiyaki depending on each city. From the sizes, to the ingredients, flavors and toppings, anything that has tons of cabbage in it is an Okonomiyaki. It's a savoury pancake that can be enjoyed to all and I tell you, I was salivating on seeing the Okonomiyaki and they looked so delicious! Well, luckily, one booth did have this dish and it only costs 50 Pesos. Affordable and perfect for the frugal buyers. :D

As they handed me the Okonomiyaki, it was newly-cooked and yes, the bottom of the paper plate was hot thus, they placed a tissue under the plate to protect my hands from the hot part of the plate. I shared my Okonomiyaki with my friend Dino since it looked plentiful in my eyes. :D

First bite and it's just so savory that it reminded me so much of Takoyaki which it had plenty of cabbage. The sauce on top added the savory factor of the dish which is a great thing! What I didn't notice was the pork but it's a good news in my part since I don't eat pork that much.

But since Okonomiyaki is mostly made of vegetables, it's healthy and probably, a guilt-free food for me! Overall, Okonomiyaki is a must-try Japanese food and I promise, you'll love it! :D

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