Farron Cafe @ SM City Davao: Great Place To Chill

August 27, 2016 - If there would be any other coffee shop that is of great caliber in serving such delicious drinks, Farron Cafe is the place to be! You may wonder why I declared such thing but there are reasons why I love Farron Cafe. :D

First off, they opened their 1st branch in NCCC Mall and it became an instant hit since it's located where people would pass by and buy a cup of coffee-blended drink. We've tried their non-coffee blended drink which was the Creme Brulee and in an instant, my friend Karen and I fell in love with the first sip of the blended drink! We repeated not just once but twice! This time with my friend Dino and I believed he also loved it. :D

Just few months after, a construction happened in Level 2 Wing at SM City Davao. To my excitement, Farron Cafe decided to cater more customers to where I'm usually at! Well, it took time for them to construct their 2nd branch and just waited patiently to finally open. And, just last month, my friends Karen and Rex decided to visit their 2nd branch which is, in my opinion, far better than their 1st branch (Sorry!).

After our first visit in this branch, Karen and I decided to pay a visit again and tried to relax. We brought too many things thus, we needed a break and yes, fun and crazy conversation over a cup of our blended drinks. Without any further, let's visit Farron Cafe, SM City Davao branch. :D

Inside Farron Cafe - SM City Davao branch
Interior wise, I liked the ambiance of this branch much better since the walls are made of glass which you can still see the mall rats doing their business. But what I loved though is it blocked the surrounding noise and it gives more privacy when it comes to conversation. Customers can freely talk, laugh and just chill inside the cafe. It's one feature that I love thus, I would love to visit the cafe more often with my friends. :D

To complete the overall look, I love how the colors were played that complemented very well with the cafe. It gives off an ambiance of relaxation and it can be a great retreat for those who want to sip a blended drink coupled with a cupcake that could fill up the cravings. Indeed, a perfect place to give silence the platform and just have a quiet moment in a short time.

Red Velvet Cupcake
Karen and I originally planned to order just their blended drinks until.. The presence of Red Velvet Cupcake was felt and yes, we bought them like, we couldn't resist its temptation that we gave in so easily (If it's a girl, I would give in too.. Oops!). What made me turn off though is the paper plate. I have to admit that I was a bit shocked that my eyes were wide open but tried to be composed as much as possible. I don't want to offend the ladies in front of me. Awts! :D

Well, we tried the cupcake and thankfully, it was delicious! What made the cupcake satisfying was the butter cream frosting on top which was sweet but it complemented well with the cupcake. The color of the cupcake was too dark to be red but the taste was the same as other Red Velvet Cupcake. It's satisfying but I wish the cupcake has a lighter red color just to have more vibrancy in it and it would look more tempting! Also, change the paper plate to a more decent-looking saucer. :)

Cookies & Cream
When ordering a Velik size drink, it always dawns on me if I could even finish it since it's almost a liter of coffee-blended drink to finish in one seating. Luckily, I could finish them slowly while having a fun conversation with my friends. It's the same thing happened as we ordered Velik-sized blended drinks. Karen chose her not-so-obvious favorite which was the Creme Brulee while I went to another direction. Just for a change.

Since I've tried their Creme Brulee (which I really loved!), for the sake of trying out something new, I chose the Cookies & Cream. What's surprising is, it's placed in a "Coffee Blended Drinks" section which I was confused a bit but, I still went to it. Both of us chose "Velik" size which is the equivalent of "Venti" in other coffee shops. It's priced at 77 Pesos. Affordable right? Almost half of the price as other coffee shops!

My first sip of their Cookies & Cream and my mind was disoriented a bit since I got used to the taste of Cookies & Cream in other coffee shops but with their version, it was like a battle between the coffee and cookies & cream. Their taste was in a combat that my tongue struggled to identify what was the taste. The coffee taste was strong and it has a rightful place in the coffee-blended drinks section but adding cookies & cream can be contradicting; sweet vs. bitter taste.

To sum up, I loved the place so much that if they allowed me to sleep, I would do it in a heartbeat! I loved the cupcake but a brighter red will do and they have to keep the butter cream frosting on top! It's so perfect! BUT, they have to think twice on mixing cookies & cream with the coffee. Not a fan of this odd combination but I guess, it might be just my tongue failed to identify the taste of the blended drink or they really have to reconsider the drink or better yet, give cookies & cream a shot in Non-Coffee Blended Drinks section. It might perform better since it has to be in that section.

Overall, I still loved the experience and I would just retreat to Creme Brulee for the meantime while waiting patiently for the Cookies & Cream to be given a spot in a Non-Coffee Blended Drinks. I would order it right away and without second thoughts just because.. It's my favorite drink!

I hope they would consider my suggestion and I would be happy to buy the drink! Please? :D


Thanks for reading!

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