Kawaii Cafe's Freaky Shake: Goodness Overload!

November 19, 2016 - Recently, just this year, Freaky Shake hit Davao by storm and how could you resist the overloaded goodness of sweets in one cup! My curiosity radar caught the attention as it seduced me to really try them! Well, my resistance wall weakened eventually and with my friend Karen, we finally tried them at Kawaii Cafe.

Our first try at their Freaky Shake was already satisfying though it surprised us on how plentiful it really was! For our second try, we decided to try other flavors. Unanimously, we chose the Cookies & Cream. Luckily for Karen, she won a free Freaky Shake and with that, she enjoyed the shake heartily (well, it's free so, she really enjoyed it!). :D

Cookies & Cream Freaky Shake
For those who don't know me very much, I'm biased with Cookies & Cream in any forms: Ice cream, shake, even a cake will do! It's why, it's not a surprise that I chose the same flavor for my Freaky Shake. It's priced at 150 Pesos and it's reasonable enough for a big Freaky Shake loaded with so much goodness in one cup! :D

In our Freaky Shake, it has a chocolate wafer bar, pretzel stick, Pepero, chocolate wafer stick, an Oreo cookie, and a piece of moist chocolate cake on top. This Freaky Shake also had a whipped cream which may not be noticed immediately but by removing the cake will be the only way to see it. Finally, the Freaky Shake was drizzled with a chocolate syrup all over. Just perfect! :D

The Chocolate Cake!
What's great with this Freaky Shake are two things: You can eat and drink with a price that you don't have to worry at all! To conquer this giant, remove the cake and place it on the plate. While drinking the shake, you may also eat whatever is on the cup. That way, you'll be able to enjoy them while getting messy. :D

Every component of the shake was just so good that words are not enough to describe! But since I'm blogging, I'll describe everything here. The good thing about cookies & cream is how it blended well with the rest of the goodies. From the Pepero, Oreo, etc. The flavors jelled so well. The whipped cream was an added bonus flavor-wise. It was sweet but just the right amount of it. Approved!

Surprisingly, the cake was moist and to my satisfaction, it didn't had the strong smell of cocoa which it would've made me sneeze. Although, I was about to sneeze, I fought bravely just to finish the cake. Don't get me wrong though! It was delicious and not too sweet which I really liked so much. The cookies & cream on the other hand had the usual taste of what it has to be and yes, my cravings were more than satisfied. In fact, we were stuffed but really happy to what we had. :D

When ordering the Freaky Shake, I have to remind you that be prepared to the surprise on how big it really is. Even though it may look small on pictures, the size of the shake really justifies the price. It's more than what we've paid for but our tummy was elated and full. Thank you Kawaii Cafe for the Freaky Shake and we'll visit again soon! :D

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