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October 12, 2016 - Giving birth to a child is a big blessing for a couple as it means new life. Although it is a blessing, there would always be trials along the way thus, it will be an adventure that tests their might and endurance as parents of a child. Even though they have to go through that path, there would always be a pocket of time for them to have a fruitful and loving relationship with their child.

BUT, in our world, we're used to hear two methods of child birth: Normal and Caesarean. We already know their differences and the pros & cons of doing such depending on the recommendation by the doctor or the pregnant mothers. But, what about those who are having problems before pregnancy? This is an even bigger challenge for the couple who are struggling to have their own child. Although there are couples who are contented with their life without a child, there are those who are frustrated enough to have one. They have tried several attempts but the luck was not on their side that it can bring so much depression to the point of just giving up their dreams of having a child.

When I was invited by Karla Singson to this event, I wasn't sure what this event will be but in my mind, this is something that I could share to all of the readers online especially to the struggling couples. This event was all about giving hope for the couples of having an alternative way to have a child. I've heard of this method few years ago and till now, it's still practiced as it's proven effective to the majority.

The method that has the possibility of having their own baby is the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). This special fertility treatment procedure stimulates multiple ovarian follicles and facilitates egg cell retrieval. During the course of the treatment, embryos will be formed outside of the female patient's body; and once the cultures have formed successfully, they will be transferred to the patient's uterus. ART is recommended for patients suffering from blocked fallopian tubes,severe sperm deficits, unexplained infertility, mild endometriosis, ovulation disorders, among others. 

As the event went on, few doctors who practiced this method shared their experiences of doing it. It's an intricate process for them to execute such life changing method but along the way, they gave hope to the couple of having a child for the very first time. In my opinion, this is very helpful since in reality, there are millions of married couple who are struggling to have a baby. It can be either the man or a woman who are having problems and it's why they're not able to have their own baby. Thankfully, with Merck, it's now possible. But, according to them, it's not guaranteed that it can be done by one swift thus, the procedure can be risky but it's worth trying.

In the event, they invited two couples who had endured hardships of having their own baby. They were not financially capable of having this procedure but thankfully, the cost of the procedure was made affordable for them thus, they had the courage to give a shot. By listening to their stories, they had times where they were hopeless as they were not successful even though they tried so many times. They went to a point of not having a baby at all due to their condition. But when they found out about a new method, they tried it and both couples gave good news that they'll be having a baby. One couple will even have twins! We were genuinely happy with where they are now as it gave them a bundle of joy.

In our life today, there will be no excuses this time for the couple not to have a baby as this method will give new hope and chances of having a baby. This might be risky and it's not guaranteed, but listening to the feedback of the featured guests gave everyone hope to at least, have courage trying it. It's really helpful and even though some would be a bit skeptical, by hearing the testimonies can shed some light of hope and possibility. I'm in for this and would encourage those who are struggling to have a baby to try the method. The cost may be a bit hefty but they made it affordable. For those who are still unsure, consult a doctor before doing so.

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