Thai Spring Rolls @ Asian Side Wok Kitchen

November 19, 2016 - It's already 2017 and the best way to start this year is to make everyone hungry. Well, it's not my main intention but I just want to share this delicious food that we found at the Asian Side Wok Kitchen. Let your senses prepare for this one. :D

Asian Side Wok Kitchen just opened last year and they serve delicious dishes from different Asian countries (that includes Philippines). We first visited the restaurant when Karen and I attended the event at SM Lanang Premier (to which we did video blogging). Rex also joined us that time and we had a great time together. Their food was just so good that we decided to eat them once again. :D

Before we went to the birthday party, we were not supposed to eat just yet because, it's birthday party but because we were dead hungry, we gave another shot on this restaurant and ordered Thai Spring Rolls. The first time we ate this dish was a bit salty but had tons of flavor. Thus, we chose the same dish. It costs around 120 Pesos.

Thai Spring Rolls
When we ordered this dish during our first visit, I was curious on how it'll taste like but since we all shared, I gave this one a shot. Until this visit, the spring rolls are just heavenly! There were so much going on and take note: I ate it without the sauce! If dipped with the sauce (which I don't know the name sadly), it gives more lengths of flavor that the spring rolls already have. What these spring rolls differ from the other ones are the ingredients inside. But one ingredient made my brow raise a bit was the inclusion of glass noodles and this was a bit weird for me. Nonetheless, the spring rolls were delicious!

The noodles on the other hand had bean sprouts and they're included in the dish to have more volume on noodles and it can provide other flavor that would suit with the noodle dish. When we ate the noodles, it was a bit bland thus I decided to add some soy sauce for more flavor. Indeed, it worked like magic! :D

With Extra Noodles
Here's a good thing: If you want to dine with a friend, you may add extra noodles for just 30 Pesos! When we had extra noodles, we expected that they'll just add them in the bowl but, the better thing came to our table when they actually gave us another bowl of noodles! We were very surprised and happy that we had equal serving on noodles. This means, we'll be able to divide the spring rolls equally and just enjoy the meal without the feeling of unfairness.

Overall, we were able to enjoy our meal and were very satisfied of it! Thank you Asian Side Wok Kitchen for the meal. For sure, we'll return for another round of noodle dishes and might try other ones that might be our favorites. :D

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