The Creme Brulee Cake at Lachi's Cakeshop, Tulip Drive, Matina

September 18, 2017 - Most of us are familiar with Creme Brulee and it's considered a sin if you don't know what it is and if you haven't tasted it, it's an abomination! (Nah, it's not true!). But what I've tried in Lachi's was something different but already familiar in my eyes. Yes, I've tried Creme Brulee but.. As a cake? Well, certainly my first time to try it out! :D

For those who live near this branch and who happen to love their cakes, this is a perfect location for you to try them out! From cheesecakes, cakes, muffins, it's a venue for dessert lovers or freaks. In my case, this is a place where I could just enjoy my dessert after eating something heavy.

This branch just opened last year and since my 2 visits, customers would flock just for these options: To order them for take out or to eat them inside the resto. I've been wanting for them to open near my place and luckily, here they are! For the location, they're located in Tulip Drive, Matina and can be reached either a taxi or tricycle. You have nothing to worry as you can just mention its exact location and they can bring you to Lachi's.

Inside Lachi's Cakeshop

The place is quite small but it feels comfortable once inside the shop since there are always like only few customers. The whole area itself has this cozy vibe that you could have an intimate time with your family, friends or your loved ones and just enjoy eating the cake.

I honestly love the place since the employees would welcome you and assist in your orders. They would even help you find a place to sit and would give you a glass of water right away. It's a plus points for their hospitality and service for the customers. I always feel relaxed whenever I'm in this shop. I would love to visit this place with my friends and just have a wonderful moment with of course, a slice of tempting desserts! :D

Cheesecakes, Muffins, Bars, Carrot Walnut Cake

Various Chocolate Cakes, Apple Pie, Sans Rival, Other Cakes
What made Lachi's famous are their mouth-watering, eye candy desserts that I honestly had a hard time choosing which one of them I would eat. I would search for something that I haven't tried before and can be blog-worthy. They had various types of cheesecakes and cakes and they all looked tempting like they were calling me to eat them.

This is where my indecisiveness would kick in and my mind would be crazy enough to even just convince me to choose immediately. You can't blame me at this situation right?! Why do they have to look so delicious and decadent? How can they be so seductive and playful with my eyes? (Now, enough drama dude!)

Although Lachi's is known for their Sans Rival when it comes to their cakes, something caught in my eyes that it looked very familiar but it had a different form. I knew what I've seen was the Creme Brulee but it's in a form of a cake. It got me interested to the point where I've decided to finally try this cake. Good thing, they said it's one of their bestsellers and since it looked delicious and familiar to me, I ordered Creme Brulee Cake in a flash! Price: 62 Pesos.

What you can see in this cake is the custard with melted sugar on top which is the usual thing that we see in a Creme Brulee. The cream below is sandwiched between the cake thus it created layers. When I sliced the cake, the cream oozed out and I tell you, they're pretty plenty! It was a pleasing sight! The cake overall is light, fluffy but has generous amount of cream in the middle.

I tasted the cake one by one and here are my thoughts: The custard was just heavenly! It blended so well with the cake whom I found that it was not really sweet but with the custard, it goes so well with it. The melted sugar on top had a nice crunch which it didn't hurt my teeth and it's a plus points for me! The cream in the middle added more flavor with it's mild sweetness that complements very well with the cake. 

When the flavors were combined, it wasn't very sweet and it had right amount of flavors and I believe this should be the right taste for this cake. But the flip side of this delicious Creme Brulee Cake is, it's a light kind of cake which means, one slice may not be enough for a hungry person. This is better eaten from a heavy lunch or dinner and a slice of Creme Brulee Cake right after a meal would be perfect. Otherwise, this cake really is delicious and you have to try this with almost a full tummy. :D

This is my take on their Creme Brulee Cake at Lachi's Cakeshop. If you are for their desserts and not as hungry as a person who haven't eaten yesterday, this place is for you! Hope you've enjoyed this entry and try what I just ate! Or if you want other cakes in your mind, it's totally okay! But if you'll order the one that I've tried, excellent choice! You just made a wonderful decision! :D

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