Maxi Mango Davao: Craze Intensified!

May 6, 2018 - Welp, I'm back! After 7 months of hiatus, being so busy with everything, graduating college, looking for a job, I'm here, blogging again and I couldn't imagine that I would do this after months of hibernation. I'm just glad that I'm back here, writing and sharing something new and this is indeed something to look for. I'm sure you'll never regret a single bit (unless, you don't like this new entry. It's okay!). Lemme start this new blog entry, shall we? :D

Just like what I've said, after months of hiatus, I'm sharing something new and this is a must try! I've recently discovered a new craze that every Davaoeño on social media went berserk. Even my friend Karen was a newly convert with this tempting dessert that left me clueless on what is this craze all about! Well, I just found them when they had a fest at SM City Davao annex area and there was no line yet! This was a perfect opportunity to seize the moment that I've waited for so long! :D

The usual scenario when lining up at Maxi Mango
When I arrived at their booth, I knew the lady right away since she was a PBB Teen housemate and her name is Mikki. She was wearing all smiles and was very accommodating at the same time, taking orders from her customers. Luckily, that time, there were few customers and this was on the first day of 3-Day Sale at SM City Davao. Thus, I had everything easy. I ordered their Mango Float Ice Cream and I was blown away! I'll tell you why so, keep reading!

When I ate my dessert, I texted Karen and I knew she would love a spoonful of their Mango Float Ice Cream since she already tried when she was at SM Lanang Premier. It's why we went together last Sunday and.. A queue of people was already visible. Welp, I've got to deal with this!

What's unique with Maxi Mango is, obviously, everything is made from mango (of course!). But they stood out amongst others as their concept is unique and new to Davaoeños. It's why, they were eager to try their products and they were satisfied. Also, the price range is suitable since it's affordable and they could buy every week just to satisfy their cravings! Since, I love mango float, I've bought their Mango Float Ice Cream for 85 Pesos.

Mango Float Ice Cream
What made this Mango Float Ice Cream special are the ingredients inside the cup: Diced mangoes, graham bits, cream and mango sundae! Now I knew why they go gaga over this cup of heaven that will enable everyone to see a ray of light like they've tasted elation! From the moment it's inside their mouth, it's like a euphoria, a moment of bliss, tasting every bit of mango float circling their palates, to the point of expressing much delight on how delicious it is!

This was also the moment where I had to do feel the same thing they've felt! I had to do it! I mustered some courage and bought it with much gusto and when it was given to me, alas! My senses were delighted with its beauty! The beauty that captured my very eyes, eager to eat the Mango Float Ice Cream ravenously (yup! To that point!). I was excited to have my first spoonful of Mango Float Ice Cream, feeling like a kid once again!

Served in a cup, I think the very intention of this was to make sure that every customer who buys their product will salivate endlessly and I think, they've achieved that goal. Indeed, I was salivating and eager to eat in no time! When I had my first spoonful, man, I was blown away! This was like a mixture of everything heaven! Like, I had to taste everything and how it goes well with each other!

The mango sundae was so rich and thick! The sundae was a perfect addition to the dessert hence it's called Mango Float Ice Cream! That sundae has to be in it! The cream added layers of flavors and it's also an important ingredient in the dessert. We can't forget the diced mangoes though there were sour ones but it balanced the sweetness of the dessert overall. The graham bits was my favorite! Mango Float Ice Cream wouldn't be complete without it! Indeed, one could never go wrong ordering this dessert and everyone should try this one! This is a cup of happiness that you would want to eat every week! Oh well, I do hope they'll have a branch soon near SM or better yet, beside my house! :D

What can I say? Maxi Mango exceeded expectations and the queue of people proved that they've brought something new and something delicious that would make everyone go crazy and be the talk-of-the-town! Hoping for them to drop by again soon and I'll be a happy customer, eating the Mango Float Ice Cream. This time, I'll buy their biggest one! I have to and.. I have to! :D



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