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Affordable Chicken Yakisoba at Kamo Japanese Restaurant, Damosa

When we think of the yakisoba, what comes into our mind is the one in Nissin that is in the cup. Surely, it was like a yakisoba but eating an actual yakisoba is much more different than we expect it to be. It’s time for a formal introduction of what really is the yakisoba.

Yakisoba (焼きそば) is one of the popular dish that is served in restaurants together with Ramen, Sushi, etc. When it’s translated in English, it’s called “fried noodles”. It’s always served in a plate and one serving can be shared or if you happen to be extremely hungry, you can have it all!

Although in some restaurants, yakisoba can be a bit pricey, I’ve found a restaurant that serves them BUT in a very affordable price that even those who are short of money can eat there and can make their tummy very satisfied! I think I have to introduce this restaurant here since it deserves some recognition! 😀

20170918 191352

Kamo Japanese Restaurant is located at Damosa and if you know the schools like Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai and Mindanao Kokusai Daigaku, it can just be found if you walk from there. Upon reaching the restaurant, there are also other restaurants surrounding the compound. But if you live faraway from Damosa, you may need more than walking to reach Kamo Restaurant. You may even need to fly just to reach the resto!

Okay, you may reach Kamo Japanese Restaurant by jeepney or taxi. If you choose jeepney, you may need to go down near the overpass and walk from there. If taxi, it’s much more convenient since it’ll really bring you in front of the resto. Whatever the mode of transportation you’ll be using, just make sure you know its location. But in my opinion, taxi is a better option.

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The resto may not be airconditioned as expected, it has its own charm that can still draw customers. It’s still attractive in my eyes as I come for the food, not for how the resto looks. Other restaurants also have this kind of setup and they’re all connected. Thus one can order their food from an adjacent resto while they settle in Kamo Japanese Restaurant to accommodate their friend who just ordered a dish from them.

Kamo Japanese Restaurant also has the feel of being in Japan as the Japanese customers would flock at this place (shown above) and you would question yourself if you’re still in Davao or Japan. But having that feeling makes the stay more satisfying as you could see them enjoying their conversation with their friends.

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Since it was dinner time and I craved for their yakisoba thus, I ordered their Chicken Yakisoba right away since I knew the price already and settled on my table. Chicken Yakisoba (チキン焼きそば) has tons of ingredients and might be overwhelming for those who have small appetite. But for those who are like monsters when eating, this will be a piece of sweet cake for them.

It’s served on a plate filled with noodles, cabbage, chicken chunks, sliced onions and sprinkled herbs on top. You may add pepper flakes that is provided on the table for added heat. A plateful of yakisoba is already good for sharing but I had it all for myself and it doubled my satisfaction! Price: 95 Pesos.

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When eating the yakisoba, one expects umami flavor to dominate and indeed, it circulated all over my mouth. I also added red pepper flakes on the yakisoba and it added some heat which it blended very well with the existing flavors of yakisoba. The cabbage had a nice crunch to it when chewing them. They were lots of them so, I also had lots of crunching on them.

The chicken meat were sliced into chunks and they were generously served on the yakisoba as I’ve found several pieces of them on my plate! It was cooked perfectly thus it’s expected to be tender when eaten. The onions on the other hand had an interesting taste. While generally, the yakisoba is more of the umami, the onions brought sweetness to the plate. It may have tasted differently, it brought a perfect blend to the yakisoba. This is a perfect dish for the Filipinos to eat since we lean on the savory side and I’m pretty sure my mom will love eating this yakisoba. 😀

So, this is my take on their Chicken Yakisoba and it never lost its touch since I last ate there. I hope that people nearby will discover how delicious this yakisoba is since this dish favors the Filipino palate. This has to be appreciated more and I hope they would grow to love yakisoba and spread the news with their friends, family, or apprehensive about this dish.


Thanks for reading!

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