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Backyard Burgers: Chorizo Burger

I love eating burgers especially if it’s grilled to perfection. I love it’s succulent juices inside the patty that oozes out in the burger! It’s a perfect scene for a foodie that can be part of a segment in a movie! But what if I’ll say, let’s munch on the Chorizo Burgers?

You would say “What? Chorizo Burgers? How could that be possible?” Well, to answer your question, I’ve tried this juicy Chorizo Burgers at Backyard Burgers and I happen to love chorizo! Lemme show you some pictures for a proof.

 Backyard 1
Chorizo Burger

This Chorizo Burger is one of the newest burger that is part of their breakfast menu perfect for those who have no time to eat breakfast at their own home. I availed this burger when they had a promo that I can order this Chorizo Burger all day. Usually, this burger can be available only for breakfast from 7:30 to 10:30 A.M. but in this case, I had this one at almost 6 P.M! 😀


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With ketchup on top

The Serving:
This Chorizo Burger consists of a chorizo patty with barbecue sauce and mayo underneath. I just added ketchup on top for a nice touch. This mouthwatering Chorizo Burger can be so tempting that you can’t wait to eat it! Promo Price: 100 Pesos. Regular Price: 140 Pesos (available for breakfast only.)

The Taste:
First bite of this burger and the other end of my burger started dripping! But of course, it’s normal and I’ve been there. But there’s only one thing I can say about this burger.. It’s delicious! For a breakfast meal, this chorizo burger is a blast! The barbecue sauce perfectly combined with the taste of chorizo. To be honest, I can’t say anything but delicious! If you want a perfect breakfast meal, don’t think twice of choosing this burger. It’s a YUM! 😀

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