Cafe de Flore: A Reasonable Fine Dining

When my friend Karen told me that we were up to something that would make our experience worthwhile, I jumped in since it’s an opportunity for me to try another thing that would make me excited. We discussed about it and just last Saturday, we went to Cafe de Flore to check out what they can offer.


This cafe is located at Torres St. and at first glance, you would think it’s a European cafe. Sure enough, it is a European cafe since they’ve experienced first hand on what’s in there and the food they serve. Since then, they had this idea of having their own flare of Europe here in Davao and we’re more than happy to welcome them! They were successful though as customers flocked in and tried out their dishes in a price that they could afford. Good exchange deal! 😀

When I went inside the cafe, it screamed fine dining in front of me. It spoke class, sophistication that everyone would be in awe but can also make others run away as they might think the food they serve would be expensive. Well, I’m here to tell that otherwise. I knew that the prices would be reasonable enough for the customers to enjoy the food they ate and at the same time, experience what fine dining is.

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While the cafe speaks sophistication, there was one thing that they would consider in the future and it would be the space of the cafe. It’s quite small and if there would be flock of customers swarming in the cafe, it would be a little crowded. It can be burdensome for others who wished to dine at the cafe since there would be no space for them to eat. I hope they will look out for this when the time comes.

It is given that every cafe should have desserts and this one didn’t disappoint me. In fact, it tempted me to eat them which I would have to just resort to take a picture of these delicious cakes that I would dig in. Well, we have to break our diet cycle once in a while right? If my metabolism is fast enough, I would gladly devour all of the cakes displayed which I couldn’t do as of this moment. Just wishing though.

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When the cafe was set to ‘Dinner Mode’, slowly, everything changed and the dishes were slowly served on the buffet table for the customers to get them and place them happily on their own plates. They had two kinds of rice which were plain and fried. They had Beef Goulache, Pork Binagoongan, Chicken Lollipop and Vegetable Lumpia. Their buffet is priced at 295 Pesos. Reasonable right?

On this section, they had slices of fruits and desserts for the customers to munch in. They had slices of pineapple, watermelon, pudding and chiffon cake topped with fruit cocktail. It also had a chocolate mousse which it was hidden thanks to the camera angle. I got excited with the chiffon cake since it looked so colorful that I had to pick it up along with the mousse and pudding.

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Beef Goulache – Since I eat beef, I picked Beef Goulache. It looked like a Filipino dish that even my friend referred to as the Caldereta. I had to check twice since it didn’t look like Caldereta. When this was presented on the buffet table, it looked appetizing already and had to pick it up. Well, this Beef Goulache was delicious in every aspect but I love how tender the beef was. It was easy to cut and had no problem chewing it.

Chicken Lollipop – To be honest, it looked dry when I first saw it. The color of the chicken didn’t scream temptation in my eyes but it looked as if it didn’t want to be looked appealing for the customers. But since I eat chicken, this Chicken Lollipop wasn’t able to even climb to have its escape. I chose mayo as my dipping sauce as I believed it would make a great combination of flavors.

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I must say, even though this one didn’t look sexy, it tasted more than I expected. It was really good and I dipped it with mayo which it made the flavors more harmonized. They complemented very well which I was pretty satisfied. I may get two chicken lollipops if I’ll visit again. 😀

Vegetable Lumpia – When I saw the lumpia, it looked thin but I picked it anyway since I eat lumpia too. When I sliced it, I thought that the lumpia must be bigger, Vegetable Lumpia are bigger since it had vegetables inside. But the taste was like of the usual lumpia which I like. I think I picked my food very well. 😀

As what I’ve said earlier, we have the chiffon cake topped with fruit cocktail, pudding and chocolate mousse. Here are my thoughts:

Pudding – Appearance wise, it looked like the pudding that my sister used to make which was the reason I picked the pudding. When I tasted it, it had this mocha-like flavor on it which I found it unusual but it’s still delicious.

Chocolate Mousse – When I scooped on the mousse, it was different from the usual mousse that I had. It also tasted a lot different since the chocolate flavor was strong. I had to avoid sneezing since my nose was overwhelmed with the aroma of the dark chocolate. But I have to say that it’s really good! This was satisfying but I could only manage one shot of mousse. Got to take care of my nose! Hehe!

Chiffon Cake – I’ve got to admit, this cake got me! You can’t blame me since it looked so colorful and beautiful and.. tempting! I had to get one of this yummy-looking cake just for craving satisfaction. The best thing that I had with this cake was the taste. It was so good that I felt like heaven landed on top of me. If my sister can bake this one, a big slice is a must on my plate!

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As we went through our interview, the chef talked about the Red Velvet Cake and how it’s the best seller in this cafe. I loved Red Velvet so much that it looked so sexy in my eyes! I mean, if this was a girl, I would be more than willing to submit myself and just appreciate the beauty of the Red Velvet. Of all the desserts, it’s the only one who can flaunt and scream sexy by the looks of it. We were left hoping that we could at least, have a slice of this toothsome cake and..

To our surprise, we were served with this seductive, decadent, tempting Red Velvet! We were so happy that we could finally taste their best-seller and couldn’t wait to dig in. I sliced the cake in two for fair share. What I loved about this Red Velvet was the way it was served. It was very clean with no smudges around the cake. The sauces surrounded the cake added the attraction of the plate which it made us more amazed. This was just too much to handle and couldn’t wait to take pictures of the cake! 😀

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When we tasted the cake, I would say, this was by far, one of the cakes to beat! It literally just melted in my mouth and left me wanting for more. It had like cheesecake components that I loved so much. Even when I sliced the cake, it was smooth and it was pretty satisfying. When I dipped the cake on the spider web-like sauces, the taste went notch-higher and much better. I would say, this is the best Red Velvet Cake I’ve tasted so far. It exceeded my expectations by miles and would love to indulge myself with this sexy piece of dessert! A date with this Red Velvet Cake is a must in my list. It’s priced at 185 Pesos by the way.

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I just want to say thank you to Cafe de Flore for accommodating us and we were more than satisfied with our stay. Me and my friend Karen had lots of fun interviewing with the owners who were happily sharing their stories behind the success of Cafe de Flore and we would love to pay a visit to the cafe next time. Thank you so much! 😀


Thanks for reading!

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