Quick Dessert @ Coco’s South Bistro

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After my piano lesson, since it’s a birthday celebration of my cousin Lea, I went straight to the venue of her birthday which was held at Buffet Palace, Matina branch. In the venue, I spotted my Uncle Mario, Aunt “Mommy” Auring, and my cousins Lea and Luigi. I had a nice chat with them but minutes later, I was hungry already since I only had crackers for snacks. I asked Luigi to eat with me at Coco’s South Bistro since they’re at the same building, we just had to walk to their entrance on the side.

Inside Coco’s South Bistro

When I went inside Coco’s South Bistro, I immediately noticed the colors surrounding the restaurant. I felt comfortable already and since they’re in Halloween mode, customized spider webs were in the counter and on the walls. They also have more space at the left side for more customers. The peak hours happens at night where more people would come to have a sumptuous dinner with friends and family. Find my cousin here! 😀

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Coco’s 1st branch is at Torres St. It’s their biggest branch here in Davao. Their second branch is at the Victoria Plaza Complex and this is their latest branch at Matina. When you look above on their wall, you’ll notice the posters from the different artists and most of them are old. I felt like I was in an American restaurant where you can see the posters of the musicians such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Elvis Presley, The Beatles and the Jackson 5. There are lots of posters in this branch and it made the atmosphere a lot cooler!

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Apple Crumble

I ordered Apple Crumble for our quick dessert. It’s a warm chunky apple with cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves topped with whipped cream and caramel sauce. This is one of their new desserts of Coco’s South Bistro. I’ve tried this dessert when I had a sumptuous dinner with my mom at Hog’s Breath Cafe. It was really delicious but so expensive too! This Apple Crumble is more affordable and can’t wait to eat this dessert again! Price: 110 Pesos.

The Serving:
This Apple Crumble was placed on a rounded square bowl and it’s bigger than I’ve expected! The whipped cream though didn’t look that good to me but the caramel sauce saved a bit in the presentation area. It’s still delicious to look at. I loved the way it looked and gotta love the color of it!

The Taste:
I knew right ahead that this Apple Crumble will taste really good and I was right! Every spoonful of this dessert is delightful! The cinnamon was there, of course the nuts were a perfect combination with other ingredients. The caramel sauce gave sweetness to the dessert and of course, the apple underneath was delicious!

I would love to visit this place again and this time, I’ll try other meals that they have and I’ll make sure that I can avail of their 50% discount on their meals from 2:00 to 6:00 P.M. Thanks Coco’s South Bistro for this delectable dessert! I would love to munch on your Apple Crumble next time! And thanks cousin Luigi for the company! 😀

Adieu! Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Quick Dessert @ Coco’s South Bistro

  1. First, belated happy birthday to your cousin! 🙂 The place you visited looks unique. I think I’d love to take photos there too. I haven’t been to Coco’s but if I were to try the resto, I’d choose to go to Davao because you said it’s their biggest branch. 🙂 I don’t really like apple-stuff, but that apple crumble is making me hungry. It really looks yummy!

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