The Glorious Nachos at Perch Modern Kitchen + Bar

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September 22, 2017 – Last month, there was this buzz around Davao that a certain nachos just landed and people went berserk when it arrived! Like, they would post it on Instagram, Facebook and would make their friends so jealous that they promise to try these nachos. Well, I also went nuts seeing the nachos being so tempting and I couldn’t wait to try it! 😀

Finally, after a month of being so busy with my classes and other stuff, this was the perfect day for me to try their ‘Glorious Nachos‘ and hearing that name made me think that it would be the most awesome nachos in the planet! Well, it’s named glorious after all so, it has to be the best one here in Davao! It’s why, I went to Perch Modern Kitchen + Bar to try it out!

Location: Perch Modern Kitchen + Bar is located at the 2nd floor of Felcris Centrale. It’s easy to find since it has a sign outside and the tables and chairs can be seen in their al fresco area. Once in the mall, take a ride on the escalator and tada! Perch is just on the right side. 😀

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This Glorious Nachos have been the talk of the town for months and people were craving over this nachos and who wouldn’t be? It’s filled with so much goodness on one plate! And since my arrival at Perch, I couldn’t stop thinking about the famed nachos and most of the customers also ordered the same nachos! Well, I could say that it’s a craze! It’s priced at 250 Pesos. BUT, it has a service charge of 20 Pesos so, I paid a grand total of… 270 Pesos! 😀

As I was done with my order, I just sat and waited. And as the time went by, one by one, I’ve seen lots of food have been served including the Glorious Nachos and I wondered how long does it have to be made? Well, luckily, I wasn’t hungry that time but with my patience, I was able to wait for 30 minutes! It took that long for my order to be served in my table.

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Just a warning: Just be ready to wait long for your food to be served. Instead, while waiting, be entertained and watch the television first. It helps! 😀

Anyway, as they’ve served the Glorious Nachos, suddenly, my trusty camera had its own mind and decided to be stupid. I was about to take a video on the toppings to be poured out unto the nachos BUT THEN, my camera went completely jerk and I failed to catch that ‘mouth-watering’ moment where the toppings meet the nachos!

It went so fast and as the waiter was done pouring the toppings, I just sighed and seeing the finished product was indeed great but, that moment should’ve been captured! Gaaah! Well, I cursed on my camera for being a complete douchebag. But had no time to lament at that moment since I had to take pictures on the Glorious Nachos. Moving on… -_-

Eating the Glorious Nachos was fun because of the toppings were all over the place and scooping them with nachos added that ‘fun factor’ on eating them. I could say, one bite of the Glorious Nachos and indeed, it’s deemed worthy to be called as such. The flavors spread out in my mouth and it was divine! The ground beef was delicious and a bit sweet, the 2 cheese added more flavor (and mess) which are plus points to the nachos. Combining all of their flavors were the bomb! You wouldn’t regret eating this! 😀 
But the flip side of the Glorious Nachos I think was the lack of balance with the flavors. I was expecting an ingredient to counter the strong flavor of ground beef since it leaned on the sweeter side. Even though there were 2 kinds of cheeses, it didn’t help much of equalizing the flavors. Instead, it helped on enhancing the nachos more which I have no complains about it. What I just wanted was a bit of spice of their nachos like salsa or chili just to add a kick. Maybe, they could offer it as an alternative to the usual Glorious Nachos and be suggested as their other option (or if it’s meant to be like that, then again, no complains!). It’s just my suggestion anyway but I’ll be glad if they’ll do it. 😀
Overall, I loved the Glorious Nachos and it was well spent since it was plenty and I was all alone to eat them! I had so much fun eating the nachos to the point of being messy and careless. I had to ask for a fork just to finish the remains of my nachos and I was done! I was proud of my accomplishment since it was good for 2-3 persons but I was able to finish it alone! You could say that Glorious Nachos is indeed delicious! I would recommend this dish for those who want a handful of nachos but just be wary with their service charge. Bring extra money with you. 
But, just order the Glorious Nachos! It’s so gooooood! 😀
Thanks for reading!

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