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The Ramen House: Home of Authentic Ramen

When I think of ramen, it automatically says the Japanese one. In fact, it’s one of my favorite food to eat because of its generous serving thus, the feeling of satisfaction is always guaranteed. But what made me intrigued about ramen is the usage of Katakana in its name. For months, it puzzled me on why it uses Katakana instead of Hiragana characters. But what I didn’t know was, ramen came actually from China! For those who don’t know, here’s the Katakana name for ramen: ラーメン. 

Here’s a bit of information about Katakana. It’s one of the alphabet system in Japan where the characters are specifically used for the borrowed words from different countries. Even though the syllables used are similar to Hiragana, the characters speak otherwise. Although it’s not widely used compared to Hiragana, it’s still important since nowadays, they use the borrowed words for daily conversation, reading and writing. Thus, Katakana plays an important role in Japanese alphabet.

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The Ramen House is located at Marfori Heights, Davao City. It can only be reached either a taxi or tricycle. After Karen and I went to Magsaysay Park since this happened during Kadayawan Festival, we rode a taxi and headed to The Ramen House where the owner is my sister’s friend. We arrived at the resto when it was still closed since they open at 3 P.M. but we were allowed inside the resto to rest.

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When you’re inside the Ramen House, you’ll notice that the noodles are made from scratch! Yes, their noodles are purely handmade and it’s actually what I really love about their ramen. The authenticity just got too real that they made a believer out of me! The great thing about this is, the creation of handmade noodles is continuously made till their closing time thus you can witness them rolling out the dough, flatten them, and magically slice them into noodle strands right before your eyes!

The menu above are the different kinds of ramen that are available. Since it’s a Ramen House, just expect that everything they have is.. Ramen! Also, the prices of each ramen will depend on how big your bowl is. Most of the ramen they have are of the same price. Small-sized bowl is at 85 Pesos while medium-sized bowl is at 160 Pesos and the large-sized bowl is at 195 Pesos. With the exception of Seafood Ramen, it already starts with a medium sized bowl then the large-sized bowl is priced at 240 Pesos.

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A single serve of ramen takes time to prepare since the noodles they made must be boiled. The ingredients that they have in the kitchen were prepared hours before the resto opens. Thus, the customer must wait for the ramen to be prepared properly and carefully.

What I have is the Tonkotsu Ramen. It’s a creamy kind of ramen and it has a thick broth from pork bone. Instead of having pork as my meat, I chose beef since I minimized my pork consumption. In my ramen, it also had cabbage, nori, seaweed, bean sprouts and a soft-boiled egg.

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When our ramen was served into our table, we thought we have the large one since the ramen that we’re used to is in this size. BUT, what we actually had was the medium one and we were shocked since it’s big already and we were not sure if we can finish the whole bowl!

What I love about the presentation of this ramen is they were placed meticulously and the ingredients were arranged carefully. I’ve seen their work in the kitchen and all of the ingredients for ramen were lined up and within the reach. Maybe, I can’t really make a ramen for myself but to cook it for me would be divine! 😀

When I tasted my Tonkotsu Ramen, the soup was indeed creamy and it screamed Umami in my mouth! The beef was very tender and was easy to cut just by the use of chopsticks. The soft-boiled egg was a perfect addition to the ramen and I loved it! The seaweed was also good and didn’t expect it to be that good! Well, it’s my tongue who judged it. 
Overall, the Tonkotsu Ramen was perfect and would love another round of it! Luckily, we managed to finish the whole bowl! We were expecting a certificate of accomplishment for finishing the whole bowl but even a single paper wasn’t given to us! Nah.. It didn’t happen. 
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The second ramen that I had was the Beef Ramen and no, I didn’t eat this with the Tonkotsu Ramen on the same day! We were actually asked to visit again the Ramen House so that we could have an interview with one of the owners. We readily agreed and went back the next day. 😀
I chose Beef Ramen as it was recommended for me to try. Since I eat beef and I LOVE beef, I agreed to their suggestion. It’s served in a small-sized bowl which is still had a pretty generous serving for its size. The price is under 100 Pesos which is very affordable and even those who have a small salary can eat this delicious ramen!

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What I love about their ramen here in the Ramen House is they are very particular with their broth that they use as their soup base. In my Beef Ramen, the soup base is beef and a customer should expect a strong beef flavor ramen. Same thing with other ramen that has their own soup base should also expect a different flavor.
When I tasted the soup, the beef flavor was so strong! While the Tonkotsu had this mild, creamy flavor, this Beef Ramen packed some punch into it! But still, I loved how different it is from other ramen that I’ve tasted here in Davao. Indeed, if it’s Beef Ramen, it really has that strong beef flavor that would draw customers who love beef. It’s a must try especially those who’ll taste them for the first time.
If you’re into ramen and you’re searching for an authentic ones, this resto is a must try. It may be small but you really have to give their ramen a shot. Even the Japanese customers loved their ramen and I’m pretty sure you’ll also be converted into a ramen fan! Visit The Ramen House, order, eat, and leave the resto with a happy tummy! 😀
Thanks for reading!

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