Tryin’ Out The Black Sesame Milk Tea @ Top Tea

When someone leaves a message or perhaps a comment, it’s something that you should read and this happened to me when the manager of Top Tea left a comment in my first experience at their store here in Torres St. I felt excited when he asked if I could visit their branch to try out their newest flavors. Without hesitation, I agreed and I immediately went to their store.


My plan was to visit the store in a day where I’m most comfortable and when the manager is in the store. But it seems like my excitement got over me as I went there before the day that I planned to visit Top Tea. When I arrived at the store, of course, the store manager was not there but the ladies in the counter called him instead and handed the phone to me. The store manager told me that I can still try their newest milk tea flavors for free! With that, I proceeded by ordering their newest milk tea flavors.

Among the two new flavors that they have, I chose the Black Sesame Milk Tea since it’s a bit intriguing on how it tastes like and it looks more delicious to look at (of course, it looks deceiving!). And since this taste test is for free, I took the chance to order the large size which costs up to 95 Pesos since when I order milk tea, I always go for the regular size. I might try their Yakult milk tea soon if time permits me to do so.

The Serving:
This is their Black Sesame Milk Tea which consists of black sesame, black pearls (tapioca), and milk tea. It’s served in a large cup as I’ve ordered.

The Taste:
When I took a sip on this milk tea, I noticed how rich the drink was! It definitely satisfies your palate and I enjoyed it! The presence of black sesame was strong as of course it’s the main ingredient for this milk tea. Definitely loved the black pearls as I love chewing them but something lacked on this milk tea and that was the taste of the milk tea itself. Sure it was really delicious but it’s called milk tea for some reason.

It has to have at least a little taste of milk tea but I failed to notice it. They could have just toned down the flavors a bit for me to taste the milk tea itself. I don’t want this to be like a milk tea without the taste of milk tea. Would I order this milk tea? Of course! It was delicious but as I’ve said, toning down other flavors and more of milk tea would help a lot. But hey! I love it! 🙂

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