Frequence: The Loudspeaker House @ Abreeza Mall

I love music and to love it, you must be particular with the musical instruments being played in a certain song. Every musical instrument is important in a song as they give color to the music and without them, the song would be plain boring and bland.

When choosing a loudspeaker, one must notice the sound of it. There are loudspeakers that needs equalizer thus you need to adjust everything just to get the sound right. But with Frequence, equalizer may be the thing in the past! Want to know why? Well, I’ll introduce to you their 1st store here in Davao and at the same time, 1st in Asia! 😀

Frequence: 1st in Davao and Asia.
Frequence opened its 1st branch here in Davao last month. It is located at the 3rd floor of Abreeza Mall. Most of their products come from Germany and Denmark and it’s one of the loudest speakers today. I got curious on what they have since I love loudspeakers especially when it produces clear and crisp sound.
As I enter the store, I can already hear the beautiful sound of music and it feels like you’re in an actual concert! I can hear the acoustics in the background and it’s awesome! They showed me the different speakers they have and they’re big! 😀

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The Credo Reference
We first tried the Credo Reference. It’s one of the loudspeakers they have. You can choose 2 colors which are black and white. But I prefer the white ones since it looks clean and it can complement to any color of the room. When this was tested with my mobile, I played “Somewhere In Time” by John Barry. It was just pure goosebumps when I heard the song in this loudspeaker as I can hear different musical instruments in the background! I was like hearing the actual musicians playing the song in front of me! And for you to hear all the instruments being played, just turn up the volume and you can now experience a live concert right in your own home. Goosies indeed! Price: 515,000 Pesos whole set. 😀

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Veritas NEXT P8
This is their Veritas NEXT P8. It’s a smaller version of the Credo Reference but produces the same quality of sound. Aside from the smaller stature, the sub-woofer is located at the side of the loudspeakers whereas the Credo Reference’s sub-woofer is located in front. Price: 175,845 Pesos.

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Veritas P4
This is their Veritas P4. It’s much smaller than the other two I’ve mentioned earlier but haven’t heard of the sound quality of this speaker. Like other speakers, this is also a floor speaker and it’s lighter at 25 kilograms. Price: 74,995 Pesos.

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Ethos Home Theater
This is their Ethos Home Theater. It’s equipped with two small speakers, two large speakers and a sub-woofer on the right. We tried just the large speakers and the music already filled the room with its sound! We also tried the small ones and I compared the sound quality and its volume. I have to say that the large speakers has more bass and it can produce louder volume than the small ones. Nevertheless, it’s still great! Price: 163,490. You can also buy just the large speakers, amplifier and the sub-woofer for 88,000 Pesos.
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Aside from their large loudspeakers, they also have speakers perfect for home theater. It’s called the Auna. It is their Home Cinema System that consists of 5 speakers and a sub-woofer perfect for watching cinema with your friends and family. You can separately adjust the volume for front, rear, and center speakers. Price: 5,339 Pesos.
They also have different speakers for your car perfect for the long journey or you just want to have a good music being played in the car while driving around downtown. I would say, If I have a car, I would buy these speakers to experience great sound quality and would sing out loud while driving! 😀

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Veritas 5.1 Speaker Surround System
This is their Veritas 5.1 Speaker Surround System. It has a real cherry wood veneer finish. What made this speakers advantageous is the surround sound that you don’t even need to go to cinema to experience great sound! This would be so perfect for the movie enthusiasts who are particular to sounds especially the sound effects they make. Price: 253,260 Pesos.
Now I know the reason why their loudspeakers are damn expensive and it shows with the quality of the sound, the country which it originates and it’s proven and tested that these loudspeakers can actually bring an awesome experience whether in movies and music. It produces great sounds that it can make you think that you’re in actual concert or movie you’re into. I would recommend this one for those who are searching for quality sound. It may be expensive but every money you’ve spent of these loudspeakers would pay off! Thank you so much Frequence especially those who were in the store for my whole duration of visit. I would love to visit the store again and maybe, I’ll buy this time. I just have to produce tons of money to buy a set of loudspeakers for my room. Thanks again! 😀
Adieu! Thanks for reading!

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